Wedding Events

Wedding Dj for Muskoka and surrounding areas

We specialize in weddings to suit every couples tastes and budget! I personally arrange everything needed to provide the exact experience you want for that special day at a very affordable price.

Your wedding! The most important day of your life.  I recognize that this day is very special to not only the Bride and groom but to the guests as well. You want an experience that is forever memorable. An event that will come up in conversations for years afterward! “That was the best time we ever had”

We meet couples to discuss exactly what kind of experience they want for their wedding. We offer advice and guidance for ensuring your wishes come true. As a Disc Jockey Service, we don’t just think of ourselves as the “DJ” even though after years of industry change that term still applies. We don’t just spin vinyl discs anymore!

The professionalism is equally important! We want everything to go perfect on your special day and we go the extra mile to make sure that happens!